Mental Health Resources

Please find some helpful links and resources to support children’s mental health. If you are worried about your child’s mental health please do contact the school or speak to the class teacher.

EYFS and KS1

Feel Better

A collection of shorts films presented by Dr Radha Moghil that explore a range of feelings and emotions as wells providing talking points and tools to feel better.

Feeling Better - BBC Teach

Super Mood Movers

A collection of thirteen new videos created in partnership with Children in Need and the Premier League.

Super Mood Movers - BBC Teach


Growth Mindset

A collection of clips which look at the difference between fixed and growth mindsets

Mindsets - BBC Teach

Life Stories

Five dramas which explore emotional issues that children can relate to, learn from and enjoy.

Life stories - BBC Teach

Mindset and Mindfulness

A collection of short films on mindset and mindfulness. The films also look at what happens inside the brain when we have ‘big’ emotions.

The Brain Lab - BBC Teach

Same but Different

A series of clips which looked at primary children with a range of disabilities, learning difficulties and medical conditions that aim to encourage understanding and inclusion.

Same but Different

l8ter youngers 1

Set in East London these clips focus on the journey from primary school into adolescence.

L8ter youngers 1

When I Worry

A series of shorts films which explore mental health issues from the perspective of young people.

When I Worry

Additional Websites