Art & Design


Our school is aligned with the National Curriculum and the ‘Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ for the direction the teaching of art and design. We aim to create a knowledge rich curriculum which will develop the children’s skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We encourage the children to value mistakes and see them as an opportunity to improve. We intend our curriculum to ignite passions for our children and reflect how art contributes to the culture of the world around us.


Our school will implement a clear and comprehensive progression of skills as outlined in the National Curriculum through Plan Bee planning and resources. The children will develop a knowledge and awareness of key language and skills as they progress through the school. In Early Years, Art is taught through Expressive Art and Design through child initiated and adult led sessions. Skills and knowledge are developed throughout the year and are linked with learning throughout the curriculum. From Year 1 upwards, Art is taught in blocks. which enables children to focus on an Art project. We link our art projects with our key texts, as well as our prior learning, to create with a purpose. Skills and prior knowledge are built upon and revisited throughout the school and this enables children to develop a mastery approach to art.


Through the carefully structured curriculum and high quality teaching, the outcomes will be effective. Children develop a positive attitude towards Art and Design throughout their time at our school. We promote creativity, achievement and we enable children to be successful learners through practical opportunities and experiences. As artists, they are encouraged to be resilient and persevere as they evaluate and improve on their work. We value the child’s voice through reflection of learning and feedback to help them develop and learn. Children develop skills and qualities they can use beyond BSL and into adulthood.

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