We want to inspire our children’s curiosity about why our world is the way it is. We want them to develop the skills required to analyse sources and consider what they tell us about the past, as well as spotting patterns of change and development over time. It is important that our children understand that everything they see in the world today comes from a moment in the past, and how the people and events they learn about have shaped our nation and the world at large. From this, our children will understand how a moment now can shape the future, and the power this gives them as stewards.


Children are taught history throughout their time at BSL. They are equipped with knowledge that is both local and global, and informs them how historians work and how we know what we do about the past. They are taught a curriculum which reflects the uniqueness of our school, with its deep military connections and its position surrounded by rich local history. The knowledge children gain builds as they remember more and progress to form an understanding of thousands of years of British history, from the Stone Age to the year 2000. Where possible, this is supplemented by relevant trips and visitors to enrich and enhance their learning. Collins Connected History is used to support planning and delivery.


Our children will leave BSL equipped to engage in Key Stage 3 history. They will have the knowledge and understanding of the events that have shaped our world and how, as historians, we have gained this knowledge.


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