We want to inspire children’s curiosity about the world we live in and their role within it. The geography we learn about reflects the diverse range of backgrounds within our school and equips children with the knowledge to feel powerful as stewards of our world. We learn about the relationships between the world’s people, places and processes, and equip our children with the skills they need to flourish as geographers.


Geography is taught from Early Years to Year 6. Children will learn not just knowledge and skills about the world, but also the disciplinary knowledge of how true geography experts work. Knowledge is linked and built upon as children progress through the school, covering a breadth of places. Children will not just learn global knowledge but will study the local area closely too. Collins Primary Geography is used to support planning and delivery.


Children will leave Bulford with the knowledge and ability to access all aspects of Key Stage 3 geography. They will have a deeper understanding of the issues facing the world now and in the future, as well as understanding the power they have to tackle them.