Our Worship Team

At the beginning of the academic year each class vote for their two Worship Team representatives. These two children attend regular meetings with the Worship Lead teacher and take an active role in daily whole school Worships as well as leading class worship.

Roles across the school:

  • Plan whole School Collective Worship which are based upon Christian Values and year group Big Questions

  • Prayers, stories and music

  • Open and close worship

  • Write prayers linked to the current Christian Value

  • Monitor classrooms
    1. Are the reflection areas complete?
    2. Do classrooms have a reflection board? 
    3. Is the School Vision display up to date? 

  • Lead the class in their lunchtime prayer

  • Lead the class in their end of day prayer

  •  Check the RE resources

  •  Environment walks

  •  Pupil Voice about whole school Collective Worship