Reflection Garden

In 2020, Bulford St Leonard's Church of England Primary School's Reflection Garden was officially opened and blessed by the Reverand Gale, with the support of our Worship Team.

Children from all ages can now spend time enjoying the plants and visiting wildlife in our reflection garden, taking time to ponder their own thoughts, talk with friends they have missed and draw their own interpretations of the sensory flower beds surrounding them.

Prayer for a Garden

God, we need peace – so we come to the garden for quiet.
We need joy – so we come to the garden for our senses.
We need to let things go – so we come to the garden for rest.
We need hope – so we come to the garden to watch things grow,
reminding ourselves to be planters and to enjoy what others have planted.
We need benches where we can sit and reflect.
We need paths to help us recognise our own journeys.
We need community – so we come to this garden to give and receive a shared blessing from the sower of seeds, Jesus Christ our Lord.


In 2020, the central seating cross formed the basis of our Remembrance Day service with each child making a poppy that was displayed in this area prior to our alfresco service where a 2 minute silence and moment of reflection with a bugle accompaniment, was held.

When I see the poppies in the garden I think about how I made them and how the soldiers fought for us in the war.” Amelie S