Our School Day

Gates open at 8:35am with staff on duty on the playground. Years 2 - 6 will wait on the KS2 playground and Foundation Stage 2 and Year 1 go straight into class.

At 8:50 all teachers will come to the playground and children will line up in silence ready to start the school day.

School finishes at 3:00 for Early Years (Nursery and Reception), 3.10pm for Key Stage One, and at 3.15pm for Key Stage Two. 

Breaktime is from 10:30 - 10:45am and lunchtime is from 12.00 noon until 1.00pm

Currently the official opening hours of the school total:

  • Years 3- 6 (KS2) = 31 hours and 40 mins
  • Year 1 - 2 (KS1) = 31hours and 15 mins

In September 2023 the school intends to move to a 32.5 minute week, which will require an earlier opening time at 8:45am, this will be after consultation with the community.