At BSL we believe physical education is an essential contributor to the development of the whole child. Through a high-quality PE programme, pupils will develop physical competence and confidence and are given opportunities to be physically educated and become physically literate. Through a combination of entitlement and choice of activity, the PE provision will contribute to the personal development, health and wellbeing, enjoyment, success and achievement of all pupils across the whole curriculum and beyond.


The PE curriculum has been carefully planned so that skills and knowledge are progressively built upon from the foundation stage, into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Our aim is to develop competency and increase confidence when taking part, by revisiting and building upon the skills taught, leading to high levels of enjoyment, long-term retention and participation beyond the school gates.

A whole-school overview clearly sets out units taught to maximise progression of skill and knowledge, ensuring children can transfer skills from unit to unit and from year group to year group. Progression of knowledge and skills documents available upon request.

Through our PE curriculum, children will experience/learn:

  • A broad balance of physical activities for al pupils.

  • A range of Gymnastics, Dance, Games and Athletics through dedicated lesson time.

  • A swimming programme in upper Key Stage 2 ensuring all children can swim 25m by the time they leave Y6.

  • Outdoor and Adventurous Activities with a dedicated week in the summer for all year groups.

  • Opportunities to take part in competitions, both in and outside of the school setting.

 We will do this by:

  • PE lessons are led by an experienced PE specialist

  • Planning for, and assessing all areas of PE and monitoring by the PE Lead.

  • Teaching PE on the whole as a separate subject and where appropriate linking to the wider picture of ‘Healthy Lifestyles’.

  • Supplementing the PE curriculum by providing a wide range of learning opportunities for both Key Stages in clubs run after school.

  • Provide active playtimes and lunchtimes where children have a responsibility for equipment and organisation.


At BSL, PE gives pupils experiences in a wide variety of sports through quality teaching that is inclusive, engaging and fun.  In PE lessons, children learn to take responsibility for their own health and well-being and gain the physical skills to use both now and in the future.  Enrichment opportunities allow for greater personal development in which they will hopefully grow up to live happy and healthy lives utilising the skills and knowledge acquired from PE. All pupils are physically active outside of their structured PE including break times, lunchtimes and after school clubs.